Ferry Travel with Leisure Direction!

Leisure Direction now offers the ability to search, compare and book ferry travel across Europe and around the World! Use our booking form and start exploring...

Book Ferries

Here at Leisure Direction we know that it's all about the destination - so why not get there the easy way?

Taking the ferry can be one of the most cost-effective ways of travelling to Europe and here at Leisure Direction we have access to all major European ferry routes including Dover to Calais and Dover to Dunkirk, and the biggest ferry companies and Eurotunnel.

Making a Ferry Booking

Simply select the crossing and dates you wish to book as well as the number of passengers travelling (including the driver) and other details, then hit "search" to get your quote. You can also select and book Eurotunnel crossings - enter the route "Folkestone-Calais" in the engine, and on the results page you can use the filters on the left to hide results for ferry companies you are not interested in.

Travelling by Ferry

In the days of cheap flights it may seem almost old-fashioned to take the ferry, but it's a great way to start your holiday. Ferries carry nearly 40 million passengers each year, with a huge selection of routes to and from the UK and all over the World.

Ferry travel can be perfect for driving holidays, allowing you the freedom to pick your own route and timetable and really explore Europe, Ireland and more. You can take your caravan, your pet dog, and all the luggage you can fit in the car, take a break from a long journey and hit the continent fresh and relaxed, ready for your holiday. Ferry travel is also great value compared to the cost of flying and hiring a car. In fact, ferry travel is great when it come to:


When you travel by ferry, there are no luggage restrictions, you can take everything you need, or all that your car can handle!


Family holidays should be for all of the family, and when you travel by ferry the dog and cat can come with you!


For your ever-growing family, it can be more cost effective to travel by car and ferry instead of by plane.