St Malo Ferry Terminal

St Malo ferry port boasts regular arrivals from Portsmouth and the Channel Islands.

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Close to some of Brittany's best beaches and holiday destinations, St Malo ferry port is located on the north coast of Brittany, France and offers regular ferry services from Portsmouth and the Channel Islands. As one of the largest ferry ports in France, St Malo recieves more than a million ferry passengers a year from England, Jersey or Guernsey. The beaches near St Malo stretch all along the Northern Coast and are easily accessible from the town. St Malo is often called the City of Corsairs, named after the corsairs, or privateers (royalty-approved pirates) who preyed on English cross-channel ships during the 18th and the 19th centuries. The people of St Malo prefer to consider them merchant traders, and once back home in St Malo, these privateers used their profits to build fine country houses, called malouinières, and lived their lives as gentlemen. St Malo's seafaring tradition goes far beyond just the Corsairs however and one famous son, Jacques Cartier, sailed from the town in 1534 to explore the Saint Lawrence River, visiting Quebec City and Montreal, and is today considered the man who discovered Canada. The heart of St Malo is the old walled town and still to this day you can climb up the 20-foot thick walls and walk along them for a mile, with large section of it having been rebuilt more recently, following the devastation of World War Two. St Malo's iconic monastery, Mont St Michel, is built on an island which is often cut off at high tide, a stunning sight at any time of day. St Malo is a beaufitul holiday destination and the perfect gateway to explore further into Western France.

Get directions for St Malo Ferry Terminal

Port address: Gare Maritime du Naye, St Malo, 35400.

St Malo terminal is served by these ferry routes:

Travelling to St Malo Ferry Terminal

The N137 (a toll-free dual carriageway), connects St Malo to the rest of the France. To get to the port, follow signs at each exit for St Malo to the Terminal Ferry du Naye.

Taxis are usually available and waiting outside the ferry terminal for arrivals and departures.

The train station is situated at Place Jean Coquelin. Trains from St Malo run to Paris and many other destinations. The station is a 20 minute walk from the ferry terminal. The centre of town is approx 10 minutes away on foot.

Buses run every 20 minutes from the stop (La Piscine du Naye) a few minutes walk from the ferry terminal. They will take you to the city centre as well as the train station.

St Malo: Port Facilities

A cafeteria is open during the day for arrivals and departures. A newspaper/gift shop is open during the summer. Free WiFi access is available inside the terminal, please ask at the information desk for details.

The terminal is a single-storey building and can be easily accessed with a wheelchair. Parking is available in front of the terminal building. As well as inside the terminal, disabled toilet facilities are also located along the quayside.

There is a shuttle bus which transports foot passengers between the passenger terminal and the ships for arrivals and departures. Transport is provided for disabled passengers directly both from and to the ship.

The tourist information desk is open in the summer for arrivals and departures.

Both short and long term parking is available at the port. It is free for the first 20 minutes, 10€ for the first day and then 5€ per day thereafter.

This information is provided for guidance only.